Chủ đề nghiên cứu

  • Mobile Networks: Mobility management and session continuity in heterogeneous networking environments;resource allocation and QoS guarantees in 4G networks; mobile cloud systems
  • Wireless Sensor and Actor/Adhoc Networks: Multimedia communications over adhoc networks; location and load-aware algorithms; vehicular networks; emergency communications; applications of WSN in environmental monitoring
  • New Network Services and Applications: (1) Multimedia services: Streaming over wireless adhoc networks; Streaming and multimedia over CDN/overlay networks, P2P IPTV; (2) Network services: new service delivery platforms for future broadband networks; IMS-based IPTV; Value-added services for 3G/NGN; Embedded software for mobile devices; cyber physical system; M2M interaction
  • Future Internet: network virtualization; Software-defined networking, OpenFlow; Energy-aware networks; network security for the Future Internet; traffic modelling and traffic tomography: multi-layer traffic modelling and analysis, abnormality detection based on traffic pattern; QoS/QoE in future networks;
  • Internet of Things: deployment of Internet of Things in the context of Future Internet for variety of applicatios, including: (1) inter-connection of different wireless networks of smart devices (wireless sensor and actuator networks, WiFi-based devices) to produce the real-world data; (2) development of services on mobile wireless communications; (2) development of testbed and experiment platforms in both network and application layer; (4) Service platforms for Internet of Things

Các dự án đã và đang thực hiện

  • ECODANE -Reducing Energy Consumption in Data Center Networks based on Traffic Engineering
  • Research and Development of Service Delivery Platform for Next Generation Wireless Networks and the Broadband Internet
  • Intelligent Memory Management in Embedded Devices
  • Toward manipulating mobile devices by thoughts - On Accelerating Multi-modal EEG-controlled Soft Keyboard for Samsung Mobile Devices
  • Toward manipulating mobile devices by thoughts - EEG-Touch Correlation for Extending BMI Capability
  • Interaction Screen Sharing of Samsung Mobile Devices used in Meeting and Collaborative Events
  • Multimedia Contents Delivery over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks based on Network Coding and Opportunistic
  • Communications
  • Active Wireless Sensor Networks for Forestry Protection
  • Quality of Experience Mechanisms in Content Distribution Networks

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